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Who are we?

Ayrie (eye-ree) gets its name from the Irish word éirí – meaning “to rise”.

Ayrie is about women rising up together. Taking responsibility and feeling in control of our health and happiness.

…and by extension: our lives.

That’s when we allow ourselves to be at our most powerful. With personal lives that are rewarding…

Relationships that are fulfilling and complete… And careers that feel satisfying and meaningful…

It all starts with you.

Dia dhuit!

Hello! I’m Coach Ash.

Once upon a time, my relationship with food and fitness felt very complicated.

And my ideas about “health” were definitely skewed towards extremes. The ayrie philosophy was born out of this understanding.

Understanding… and healing. It is everything I believe in. It’s designed based on exactly what I needed when I was feeling lost with my own relationship with myself, food and training.

I have a background in bodybuilding – and it left me with a seriously messed up body image and relationship with food. I’ve spent years trying to unlearn bad habits and negative self talk around food and exercise. At the time, I did it for myself.

It was what I needed to rebuild that relationship with food, the way I looked at training, and trust in myself.

The difference it made to my life was immeasurable. And now? I’m on a mission…

To change the way women approach their relationship with themselves. Living free from their negative self-talk, and self-sabotaging, limiting behaviours.

To treat exercise and nutrition as something to enjoy, not to endure. Helping them to build their confidence and self worth. And to do it all for ourselves. Not for the approval of anyone else. I started out as a personal trainer in Cork. But I realised that to have the impact I really want to have, I needed to be able to support women from all around the world.

The best way I can do that is through holistic online coaching. We do things differently from what you may be used to. It’s what allows us to get much better results.

Results that actually last. Forever. You deserve better than yet another quick fix that lets you down.

Ayrie will leave you better off in every way that matters. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

why online coaching?

When I was a personal trainer in Cork, I was able to support women with their exercise.  That was a good start, but it wasn’t enough.

After helping hundreds of women on the gym floor, I was feeling more and more dissatisfied.

There was a huge gap between what we could do together in the gym for an hour… And the REAL issues that needed addressing.

Women wanted – needed – help with:

I knew that. They knew that.

But there simply wasn’t the capacity to have those conversations at the gym.

Can you imagine, trying to have a conversation about the emotional impact of transforming your body… While someone’s grunting through a top set and house music is blaring?

Ridiculous. It was really holding us back from connecting to the inner work needed. And the “inner work” was crucial to getting results. We were doing more and more work outside the gym.

More coffee chats. More get-togethers over brunch. More conversations about the things that really mattered on Zoom…

And I realised:

This is the stuff that actually makes the difference. So why not double down on it?

I started to offer an online service, and the girls weren’t just getting results that were as good… They were better. The data was clear.

Now, as an online coach, I’m able to work so much more holistically. We can focus on exercise – but also everything else that makes the difference… Nutrition, mindset and belonging to an incredible community.

OUR Worldwide Community

Here's what our clients have to say...

The women in Ayrie are so over fads and sacrifice. We grew up around extreme diets…

Aspirations of “being thin and beautiful” which always left us feeling empty and out of place. Even missing out on making memories with friends because we’d feel guilty if we let go and allowed ourselves to fully enjoy them. Since then, we’ve learned a quick fix means a quick fail.

We value wellness, empowerment, education and positivity. We want a healthy, happy, more fulfilled life. We’re a different generation of women, looking to actually live our lives. And we want to do it the right way.

“Ayrie has given me a huge confidence boost…”


“It’s so worth it!”


“You gain so much more…”


“It’s a part of my way of life…”


“Everyone’s got your back…”


“The best decision I’ve ever made…”



here’s the story…

We’re here to change things for the better. Those of us who grew up around mothers, sisters and friends counting every calorie. On the sidelines of every event. Here’s what I propose:

In every possible way. I’m not inviting you to take part in endurance deprivation. We’re not about fearing foods… Or meticulously weighing and counting calories. And if that makes you anxious…? You’re exactly who I want to speak to.


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